Reporting an exposure

If you would like to let us know about a pregnant woman who is taking medication or has been exposed to other substances in pregnancy please download and complete our pregnancy reporting form.

For case specific advice please contact UKTIS on 0344 892 0909. In order to provide the best possible information to inform an individual risk assessment for a pregnant woman and her baby following exposure to drugs or chemicals, UKTIS will require the following information:

Caller details

  • Name and contact details of the enquirer
  • Referring unit and department
  • Details of midwife / GP / other relevant healthcare professional (for potential follow-up of fetal outcome)

Maternal details

  • Name, date of birth and NHS number (at least three identifiers)
  • LMP and EDD
  • Maternal medical and family history

Exposure details – therapeutic, overdose and chemical exposures

  • Stage of pregnancy at time of exposure
  • Agent(s) involved (including route of exposure and estimated dose)
  • Date and time of exposure

In addition, for therapeutic enquiries

  • Indication for treatment
  • Proposed treatment (drug, dose, route, duration of treatment if known)
  • Any treatments already tried