Pertussis vaccine in pregnancy

Cases of whooping cough are continuing to rise in England and other countries.

Pregnant women should be encouraged to be vaccinated between 16 and 32 weeks. Read our monograph on the use of pertussis vaccine in pregnancy.

Pregnant travellers

Read our monographs on travel related issues in pregnancy.

We have reviews on Malaria prophylaxis and treatment, insect repellents, hay fever treatment, live (yellow fever + typhoid) and non live vaccines.

Best Use of Medicines in Pregnancy

We are delighted to announce that BUMPs, our patient facing website, has a fresh new look and improved functionality.

Head to to take a look.

Safety of GLP1 receptor agonists in early pregnancy

A collaborative ENTIS study (including safety monitoring data from UKTIS) has been published in BMJ open.

A link to the study can be found here.

Sodium valproate use in pregnancy – update from the MHRA

The MHRA advise that valproate must not be started in male patients younger than 55 years, unless two specialists independently consider and document that there is no other effective or tolerated treatment (or there are compelling reasons that the reproductive risks do not apply).

Please see the paternal exposure section of our updated systematic evidence review for further information.

Use of ocular antieovascularisation agents in pregnancy

Due to the number of enquiries we have received to the service about the use of intravitreal afibercept/bevacizumab which are used to treat retinal vascular disease, we have put together the available data in a systematic evidence review.